Artwork Guidelines

At SPLATT, our staff work with customers every day to ensure their artwork looks as good as possible when printed on a garment. Below are a few key points regarding artwork to help you when placing your order.

Maximum sizes we can print

The maximum width for print is 300 mm. The height of your logo or image will automatically be scaled based on the width you select however maximum print height is 460 mm.

Positions we can print

We can print designs in a wide range of positions; the positions available depends on the garments you select. Typical positions include left or right chest, full width across the front chest, left or right sleeve, full width across the top of the back and so on. If the positions available aren’t quite right for your needs, we can still help you. Just contact us before placing your order for help.

File types we accept

You can upload your image or logo file online with our easy to use ordering process. We accept the following image types: jpeg, bmp, ai, eps, pdf, png, psd, tiff. The maximum size file you can upload per logo is 10mb.

Image transparency

Customers often get concerned about logo transparency, but there is really no need to be! Our staff are well used to removing the background from artwork files before production and if this is possible, on request this is what they will do. Please be mindful of the suitability of an image if you wish to have the background removed. If certain areas of your design should be transparent, the easiest way to avoid any confusion is to upload your image with transparent sections. Many file formats support transparency such as png, eps and psd.

Artwork quality

In general, you should try and upload the best quality version of your logo or image you have to ensure the best end results. We generally ask for files to be 300 DPI or higher. If you upload a file that is too low quality to print, our staff will contact you to discuss how best to proceed.  At SPLATT, we check every order to ensure it will look as good as possible.

How big should my photo or graphic be?

The size of the picture you would like to upload depends on the size of the garment or product you would like to customise. A large, good quality print on an XL t-shirt is approximately 30×35 cm; the picture for a print of this size should therefore have a size of 300 dpi and approximately 3500×4100 pixels.
Alternatively, for a good quality company logo of 10×5 cm, we recommend a resolution of 300 dpi and approximately 1180×590 pixels.

Printing limitations

There may be certain limitations depending on the print type you select. In particular, we may not be able to print a design that blends or fades into the t-shirt. However, if this should happen, we will work with you once your order is placed to adjust your design so it can be produced as a good quality print.

Further Help

If you have any questions about artwork, don’t forget you can contact us at any time.