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Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is exactly what the name suggest in which we print your design directly into the fabric f the shirt.

Unlike other printing techniques that apply ink or vinyl on top of the material, DTG injects colour pigments into the fibres. For this reason, the feel of the final print is very soft to the touch.

Because of its potential with colour mixing, DTG is usually reserved for artwork that it’s considered too complex for other printing techniques. These printers can recreate gradients, fades, colours and small details that vinyl or full colour transfer printing wouldn’t be able to produce.

Pricing for Direct to Garment starts at £12 for white shirts and £15 for any other colour. The reason for this is with coloured shirts we have to treat and prep the print area with white ink which isn’t needed for white t-shirts.

Start designing your t-shirts now with our DTG design page.

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Notes: We cannot produce neon colours with Direct to Garment printing & DTG isn’t available on Polo Shirts or Hoodys

Vinyl & Transfer Printing

Vinyl printing is a heat based process which allows for individually coloured vinyls to be CAD cut and applied to most types of garments. Transfer printing is a similar process however it allows us to print full colour images and apply them in the same way. 

You can produce multi-coloured vinyl prints as well, similar to the image above with an additional charge per colour.

The limitations of these processes is that they do not allow for faded edges as they are all cut using a needle which provides a sharp and smooth edge. 

These transfers are heat applied to we recommend not to tumble dry these garments and iron on the reverse side.

Start designing your t-shirts now using our t-shirt designers below.

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Please note that these are priced according to the elements you apply to the t-shirt and can sometimes become more expensive than Direct to Garment printing, if you find this happening why not try the Direct to Garment printing option.

Please note that some designs can only be produced using a certain process so we may have to notify you of this via email and may incur an additional charge.